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Freedom, Harmony, Knowledge and Eternity!



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We are OrdinalStudio and we celebrate art and knowledge on Bitcoin, custodian of human artistic-cultural heritage. If you also pursue Freedom, you are welcome to our creative world.

Identity: OrdinalStudio is a company operating on the Bitcoin blockchain. It presents itself as an active creative studio that recognizes the importance of art in building Freedom, salvation and knowledge.

Creative hotbed: Equating itself to a modern Renaissance atelier, OrdinalStudio stands out as a creative hub and offers support and encouragement to a variety of artistic disciplines.

Awareness: Recognizing the limited nature of space on the Bitcoin blockchain, the organization assumes the profound responsibility of bringing only quality to the ordinal system, actively engaging in the creative process.

Legacy: OrdinalStudio’s work is driven by the aspiration to preserve and leave to future generations the best representation of the human spirit that inspired the creation of Bitcoin.

Elevating the Ordinary to Extraordinary


A New Mystery to Unravel

A New Mystery to Unravel

A New Mystery to Unravel

A New Mystery to Unravel

A New Mystery to Unravel

A New Mystery to Unravel


Curated artists

It takes a lot to be reliable in the market. Discover below the reasons why artists choose OrdinalStudio.


And much more

We never stop and we will bring you many more new features.

Creative Support

Our project offers solid creative support to artists allowing them to express their artistic vision in an authentic way. This assistance includes resources, artistic mentorship and dedicated creative spaces.

Exposure and Promotion

Our project provides artists with extensive exposure and promotional opportunities. This can include exhibitions, events, online advertising and various other avenues for enhancing their reach to a wider audience.

Value creation

Our project offers artists the chance to create economic value and establish their position enabling them to focus on their artistic creations with peace of mind and ensuring long-term success.

Solidarity Artistic Community

Our project create a supportive community where artists can share experiences, resources and expertise. This network of support is essential for fostering artistic growth and development.


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