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Emanuele Dascanio

Hyperrealist artist

Emanuele Dascanio was born in Garbagnate Milanese, Italy, in 1983. His artistic journey begins in 2003 when he decided to enrol at the Brera Academy in Milan. However, the young artist soon felt a sort of distrust towards an environment that he considered decadent for artistic expression, and ss a result, after just six months, he made the courageous decision to leave the Academy. Despite this choice, Dascanio did not abandon his desire for artistic growth and in 2007, he pursued his studies and practical experience at Gianluca Corona’s atelier, a disciple of the esteemed Master Mario Donizetti. In Corona, he discovered an excellent teacher and acquired the technique of oil painting as it has been handed down from the Renaissance. By engaging in thorough study and dedicating significant time to delve into artistic techniques, Dascanio succeeded in refining his expressive skills, achieving an exceptional level of mastery. His dedication and expertise did not go unnoticed in the art world. Through his active participation in numerous national and international competitions and exhibitions, Dascanio consistently secured top positions, earning the recognition he rightly deserved. His creations, characterized by profound beauty and impeccable execution, captured the attention of a broad and appreciative audience.

2018 marked an important milestone in Emanuele Dascanio’s career, when he became IBEX MASTER. This title established him as one of the most successful designers in the world, and his works were included in the prestigious IBEX COLLECTION, a high achievement that testifies to the exceptional nature of his talent. His reputation for artistic excellence continued to grow over time, leading to his appointment, in 2020, as an honorary member of the DLC – Della Leader Club. This highly curated enterprise technology platform, which has over 2300 domain experts in 53 countries, recognized Dascanio as one of the best drawing artists in the world. This recognition underlines his influence in the field of art and his constant commitment to promoting artistic innovation. Emanuele Dascanio’s physical works are admired and sought after throughout the world, and find a place in prestigious private collections.

His ability to convey emotions through painting and his technical rigor make him an artist of great importance in the contemporary panorama. It should also be noted that Dascanio has also obtained important recognition in the field of NFTs. With just 12 minted works of art, his reputation has placed him among the top 80 NFT artists for sale on the renowned SuperRare platform and currently in the top 500 worldwide. This further success testifies to his ability to adapt to new artistic expressions and keep up with the most current trends. His name is synonymous with excellence and his works are appreciated in both the physical and digital worlds, making him an undisputed protagonist in the contemporary art scene.


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