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In the heart of every ordiholic there is a burning desire to be part of something truly unique, something that goes beyond the mere possession of a digital piece. With the drop of L.I.B.E.R.T.A.S. by Emanuele Dascanio, we have the chance to immerse ourselves in an experience that goes far beyond collecting digital artifacts: it is a genuine celebration of Freedom and uniqueness.

This remarkable digital artwork consists of 630 pieces, and those who are lucky enough to own at least one will possess a unique treasure. What truly makes this drop special is OrdinalStudio’s commitment to its loyal holders; those who already own one of these 630 pieces will have the privilege of enjoying lasting benefits on all upcoming drops by OrdinalStudio.

It’s hard to express how exciting this concept is. In a world where digital technology often seems to isolate people, the “HODLers” concept provides a profound and lasting connection between Ordinals enthusiasts and the art they love. It’s like being part of a secret community that shares an extraordinary experience. It’s like being part of a secret community that shares an extraordinary experience.

These lasting benefits not only bring advantages but also symbolize the appreciation from Dascanio and OrdinalStudio for those who believe in Ordinals and the potential of Bitcoin’s blockchains. It is an act of gratitude towards those who invest time, passion and resources in creating a meaningful collection.

And so, as we hold one of Emanuele Dascanio’s L.I.B.E.R.T.A.S. pieces in our hands, we become aware of our part in something exceptional. We are the protectors of freedom, the guardians of digital art and through this unique experience our connection with the world of Ordinals becomes eternal. What an extraordinary emotion this is, one that only those who own one of the 630 pieces can truly understand.

Like the incessant flow of freedom, this page will always be evolving. Come back soon and you will discover what’s new.

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