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OrdinalStudio’s Vision

The vision behind OrdinalStudio is to create an innovative multidisciplinary artistic hub that acts as a bridge between Web3 and Web2 networks based on Bitcoin blockchain. Since 2019, the collaboration with TuringFund, an organization active in the artistic field within the Ethereum (ETH) network, has allowed to develop solid skills and knowledge in this constantly evolving sector. The launch of the “L.I.B.E.R.T.A.S.” project represents not only a starting point, but also the tangible manifestation of the philosophy that guides OrdinalStudio.

“L.I.B.E.R.T.A.S.” is not just an art project, but an ideology that is reflected in the unique approach of OrdinalStudio. Not only does this launch offer high-quality artwork, but it symbolizes freedom of expression, openness to creativity, and the ability to connect people through the medium of blockchain networks. The word “Libertas”, which means freedom in Latin, represents the very essence of this project: to free art from conventional restrictions and allow artists to express themselves authentically and without limits.
The partnership between the collector Ðɑmїɑпø, owner of the TuringFund, and Emanuele Dascanio, renowned international artist in Web2 and Web3 field, is the starting point of this adventure. This collaboration combines a passion for art, blockchain expertise, and a shared vision to push the boundaries of traditional art. Together, they want to create an environment where artists can thrive, collectors can discover extraordinary works, and art lovers can immerse themselves in a new and immersive experience.

OrdinalStudio aspires to create a global community of artists, collectors and art enthusiasts who share the same passion for innovation and creative expression. Through the use of Bitcoin blockchain, the project aims to make artistic transactions transparent and accessible, to enhance the authenticity of the artworks and to create a sustainable ecosystem for digital art.

With each future launch, OrdinalStudio intends to broaden its impact, expand its presence on the BTC network, and continue to break down the barriers that separate art from technology. The goal is to build a future in which art becomes a bridge to connect people, cultures and technologies, thus promoting greater global understanding and collaboration.

OrdinalStudio refrains from direct art sales and instead collaborates with the highest-level platforms partners. From a neo-Renaissance matrix, our primary objective is to nurture cultural creation, a cornerstone in ensuring the long-term sustainability of both art and artists. It serves as a dual-purpose entity, encompassing artistic expression and the preservation of art as valuable assets. Acknowledging that art stands as the zenith of culture, OrdinalStudio is deeply committed to offering curation and support to artists who aspire to harness Bitcoin as both a medium and a tool for raise their artistry. OrdinalStudio’s mission is long term, with the aim of perpetually preserving that reflection of such humanity that needed to obtain freedom through Bitcoin.


01. Research

From the need to preserve the sacred essence of art, the search for the ideal medium naturally led to the adoption of BTC. This research is an ever-evolving process. The artist who perseveres in research remains perpetually immersed in the enchantment of artistic expression.

02. Design

The epic model proposed by OrdinalStudio stands out for its resemblance to an intricate evolutionary bush. Over time, random circumstances and opportunities shape the shape of Freedom on-chain, anthropocentrically shaping an inherently human bond within the BTC blockchain.

03. Develop

Given the limited space within BTC, anchored in a single seed – the concept of Freedom and creative power – OrdinalStudio is committed to contributing to the development of the highest art forms, with the aim of offering future generations a portrait of humanity that gave rise to blockchain itself.

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