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Disclaimer for OrdinalStudio

The parent-child technique allows you to connect any type of material to the OrdinalStudio project in complete freedom, a freedom that we love and respect. This model represents an openness towards individual responsibility. However, as this model is totally outside the control of OrdinalStudio, we are aware of the risk of abuse resulting from this freedom. OrdinalStudio is committed to respecting the law and protecting the rights of individuals. Therefore, we dissociate ourselves from and strongly condemn any material related to this model that violates the law or ethical standards, or that harms the dignity of people. If requested or if necessary to comply with the law, OrdinalStudio will fully cooperate with the competent authorities to combat and prevent any form of abuse. We believe that shared responsibility is critical to maintaining a respectful and legal environment in which this technique can be used constructively. We would like to point out that the use of this model is subject to local and international rules and laws. Users are responsible for their conduct and the use they make of the information provided. Access and use of the template constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

We recommend Mozilla for the best experience on our site. Chrome is just as good. Thank you for your preference and continued support of OrdinalStudio.

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