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2023 update

February 2023

Seed of Creation: Nurturing Ideas for a New Beginning

The phase of contextual analysis has facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the problem or opportunity that the project aims to address. We conducted thorough research to gather relevant data, information, and sources, striving to attain a clear and detailed perspective of the landscape within which we operate. This process enabled us to identify the needs of potential users, existing challenges, and potential solutions already present in the market.

• Whe phase of contextual analysis facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the problem or opportunity of the project..
• We conducted thorough research to gather relevant data, information, and sources.
• The purpose was to attain a clear and detailed perspective of the landscape within which we operate
• During the process, we identified the needs of potential users.

March 2023

Market Analysis: Understanding Opportunities and Challenges

Market analysis has provided us with valuable insights into the competitive landscape and industry trends. We thoroughly examined existing products or services similar to ours in the market, carefully evaluating their features, strengths, and weaknesses. Additionally, we successfully identified market opportunities and potential niches that will allow us to position our project in a unique and compelling manner. This thorough analysis has been instrumental in defining our value proposition and strategically positioning our product or service in the market.

• Market analysis explored the competitive landscape and industry trends.
• Evaluation of existing products or services provided insights into their features, strengths, and weaknesses.
• Identification of market opportunities and potential niches for strategic positioning.
• Valuable information obtained to define our value proposition and product or service positioning.

April 2023

OrdinalStudio: Discovering freedom

April marks the exciting start of our adventure in the "Ordinals" project. This month has been dedicated to laying the foundations for what will be an unprecedented creative and philosophical journey. Our mission is clear: to define the concept and the key objectives of this fascinating project. We took a breath and started drafting the project document, a fundamental pillar that gave shape and direction to our vision: "Drop Libertas", "Rarity", "Symbolism" and the "Philosophical Concept" on which the entire project rests . Every aspect is crucial to our purpose, and this document has been a reflection of our efforts and deep aspirations.

• Exciting start: April marks the exciting start of our adventure in the "Ordinals" project.
• Definition of the concept and objectives: This month was spent clearly defining the concept and the key objectives of the project.
• Foundation for a Creative and Philosophical Journey: The month was all about creating the foundation for an unprecedented journey by combining creativity and philosophy.
• Drafting of the project document: the drafting of the project document has been started; it reflects our efforts and our aspirations.
• Forging the soul of the project: April was crucial for shaping the soul of our project, giving life to the ideas, the abstract concepts that inspired us, and starting an engaging journey for anyone who joins us.

May 2023

The Journey of Ordinals: Exploring Bitcoin and the Power of Friendship

May marks a crucial milestone in our journey to success with the "Ordinals" project. During this month, we have focused on two fundamental aspects: the deepening of the Bitcoin network understood as the importance of friendship in the context of the philosophy of decentralization. Our interest was not limited only to the technological aspect. For us, the social aspect and friendship in the community that is forming around ordinal projects is of vital importance. We recognize that the human aspect is what will give life and meaning to ours as well. Human connection, sharing experiences and building friendships will be essential to create an engaging and welcoming environment for all participants. During this month we started the feedback collection phase and it was essential to evaluate our ideas, receive suggestions and significantly improve the project. It will be an opportunity to better understand the expectations of our community and to tailor our plan to the needs and wishes of users. At the same time, we began to organize our work team. Identifying the key competencies needed for project development and management. We want to build a diverse team, composed of bright and creative minds from different disciplines, ready to join forces to realize our vision.

• Enhancement of the human aspect: "Ordinalstudio" has not limited itself only to technology, but has also focused on the importance of the social aspect and friendship in the community that is forming around the project, understanding that the human connection and the sharing of experiences will be essential.
• Feedback gathering: The feedback gathering phase was launched during May, proving to be a crucial moment to evaluate project ideas, welcome suggestions and make significant improvements to fit users' needs and wishes.
• Building the diverse team: Another priority during May was the organization of the work team, identifying the key skills needed for project development and management. The team aims to build a diverse group of creative professionals from different disciplines, with the aim of pooling their skills to realize the project vision.

June 2023

Libertas towards the summit of eternity

During this period, we have fervently dedicated ourselves to improving and elevating our project to new heights, taking into consideration the valuable feedback collected so far. The key to a successful project lies in the ability to listen to and understand the voices of our community. Therefore, we have put into practice all the suggestions received and will refine every detail to ensure that our project develops optimally. We will carefully implement the feedback collected, be it suggestions to improve the user experience, to optimize technical functionality or to enrich the content. This refinement process will help us create a final product that lives up to our users' expectations and desires, in line with our vision and mission. Furthermore, by setting clear goals and defining the project development phases, we will outline a strategic guide for our path. This will allow us to monitor progress, evaluate our progress and stay focused on our goals. Each stage will be a step closer to our ultimate goal, providing us with a sense of accomplishment and encouraging us to continue pushing boundaries. One of the most interesting news in June was the idea of the "Eternity" project. We will develop an engaging experience for users, offering a digital haven where they can immerse themselves in our unique vision and interact with the philosophical concept of "Eternity". More details later.

• Listening to the community: A key success factor for the “Ordinals” project was listening carefully to the valuable feedback from our community. We enthusiastically welcomed your suggestions and dedicated ourselves to improving and optimizing the design to meet the expectations and desires of our users.
• Strategic guidance: We have defined clear milestones and outlined the project development phases, creating a strategic guide that will help us monitor progress and stay focused on the established objectives. This gave us a clear vision of our journey and inspired us to push the limits to reach our ultimate goal.
• “Eternity”: One of the most interesting features of June was the design of the “Eternity”. This engaging and fascinating virtual environment represents the beating heart of the project, where philosophy, creativity and connection blend harmoniously. Creating an immersive experience for users within “Eternity” has been a priority to offer them a digital haven to immerse themselves in our unique vision and interact with the underlying philosophical concept.

July 2023

The last step before opening.

July opens with new opportunities for involvement and growth for the "Ordinals" project. During this month, we have focused our efforts on opening communication channels to foster interaction with our community and gather more valuable feedback. First, we created a dedicated Discord server and an official Twitter X account for the project. These channels will be the perfect place to connect directly with our community of fans, supporters and potential users. We are committed to making these spaces welcoming and inclusive, offering an open discussion space where everyone can share their ideas, suggestions and opinions on the project. We want to create a virtuous environment of interaction and exchange, where everyone's voice can be heard and considered. Collecting more feedback was crucial this month, also changing some fundamental aspects of the project. The improvements made this month make the L.I.B.E.R.T.A.S. unique and special in its kind. We will explain the details later. We have further refined the internal organization by rationalizing the management and coordination activities of a possible team that will be formed in the following months to ensure that everything works efficiently and effectively.

• Opening communication channels: In July we placed great importance on opening new communication channels, such as the dedicated Discord server and the official Twitter account of the "Ordinals" project. These spaces allow us to establish a direct connection with our community, facilitating interaction, sharing ideas and collecting valuable feedback from enthusiasts, supporters and potential users.
• Gathering further feedback and iterating: Gathering further feedback played a crucial role during the month of July. This feedback influenced the project significantly, leading to key improvements in the core concept of L.I.B.E.R.T.A.S., making it unique and special within the "Ordinals" Metaverse. Our dedication to listening to community voices allowed us to customize the project to meet user needs and desires.
• Optimization of the internal organization: In July we also paid attention to the optimization of the internal organization of the working group. By further refining management and coordination activities, we have ensured efficient and effective functioning of all operations. This increased efficiency allowed us to better focus resources on pursuing project objectives and maintaining our path to success.

August 2023

A Strategic Stop for Future Success

August represented a month of crucial importance in our corporate journey. It was a period in which we deliberately planned a strategic pause to conduct a detailed analysis of everything achieved in the previous months. This strategic breath allowed us to carry out an in-depth check of our progress, the challenges encountered and the goals achieved, in preparation for the official announcement of the next steps. During the month of August, we paused our daily operational action to dedicate ourselves entirely to a systematic analysis of our path. This reflection and evaluation phase represented a key step in our long-term strategy. We examined every aspect of our work, from specific projects and objectives to our market strategies and internal dynamics. The strategic pause in August gave us the opportunity to carry out an in-depth self-assessment, highlighting areas where we have been successful and where we can improve. This process has allowed us to identify solid foundations on which to build the future, as well as growth and innovation opportunities to pursue. In light of the results of this analysis, we are ready to confidently move forward on our journey, officially announcing the next phases of our business strategy. August was the month we took a breath, reflected and prepared for a successful future, with a clear roadmap and a renewed vision.

September 2023

The Beginning of an Extraordinary Journey

September was a memorable month for our project, OrdinalStudio. On September 9, 2023, we officially launched the project on the stage of the NFT fest in Lugano, a significant moment that marks the beginning of an extraordinary adventure. During this month, we focused on interacting with the public, with the aim of sharing the vision and intentions of OrdinalStudio. We took the opportunity to educate the public about Ordinals, one of the first initiatives of its kind in a predominantly NFT context. The feedback and appreciation we received was encouraging and confirmed that we are taking a significant path in the world of digital art. In Switzerland, September was a month of intense activity in training the OrdinalStudio team. We spent all month carefully selecting each member, ensuring that each individual would fit seamlessly into our ambitious project. The analyzes and studies conducted in the previous months have been reflected in the creation of an exceptional team perfectly in tune with our mission. September marked the beginning of an extraordinary adventure for OrdinalStudio, in which the enthusiasm, dedication and talent of our team will be the pillars of our future success.

• Memorable Launch in Lugano: September marked the official launch of OrdinalStudio at the NFT fest in Lugano on 9 September 2023, a moment of great relevance for the project.
• Communication and Education: During the month, the goal was to share the vision and intentions of OrdinalStudio with the public, while also providing important education on the concept of Ordinals in the NFT context.
• Team Training: September was dedicated to training the OrdinalStudio team in Switzerland. A thorough process led to the creation of an exceptional team, perfectly aligned with the company's mission.
• Start of an Adventure: The month marked the beginning of an extraordinary adventure for OrdinalStudio, where the enthusiasm, dedication and talent of the team are the pillars of future success.

October 2023

Openness- AMS - Partnership - FREEDOM.

The month of October brings an air of excitement and crucial significance to the OrdinalStudio project, as it represents an important milestone in our journey. Attention has been paid to detail and meticulous preparation, and now we are ready to take a fundamental step. One of the focuses of this period is on strategic collaborations with other companies and projects, recognizing the importance of connecting with wider communities and networks. These strategic partnerships are crucial to expanding OrdinalStudio's reach and influence. Through such synergies, we intend to reach a wider audience and present our project in a new and inspiring light. The goal is to explore collaboration opportunities that are in tune with our values and vision, creating a solid network of partners who share our passion for creativity and technology.

OrdinalStudio, in collaboration with RareSatSociety and cypherpunklab, has drafted a markdown document on the word "FREEDOM", on the sats "bedeserving", which will be the focal point and main foundation of the entire project. This term, "FREEDOM", represents the founding concept, it is the main mantra that guides and inspires our commitment. It is like the word of the "Father", namely "FREEDOM", which embodies the belief according to which we try to shape our existence and our actions.

Attending the “Inscribing Amsterdam” event, Europe's premier Ordinals meeting, was a unique opportunity where we could connect with the brilliant minds behind every Ordinals project. During this event, we made new friends and had the opportunity to present our project in detail. In parallel, we have opened up to the public through the launch of our official website, which will act as the primary portal to access the heart of our project. The website will be the digital embodiment of our vision and mission, detailing all key information related to OrdinalStudio. It will represent a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the philosophy of L.I.B.E.R.T.A.S. and in our corporate vision. Our attention to detail and user experience is evident in our commitment to creating an engaging and informative site, offering a compelling experience to newcomers eager to join our project. In this context of expansion, October also marked the start of a targeted marketing campaign that will focus on the main social networks, including Twitter and Discord. This campaign will be a critical effort to communicate our vision both inside and outside the Ordinals community, building support and enthusiasm across the community. The month of October looms as a time of great importance, and we are excited to move forward with determination and passion towards a successful and prosperous future for OrdinalStudio.

• The Father's word, 'F R E E D O M' is the credo we strive to live by. Today (27/10/2023) it has been permanently inscribed onto Bitcoin ( The rare sat "bedeserving" was gifted to us by theGANSmachine founder of RareSatSociety and inscribed by cypherpunklab.
• Strategic Collaborations: A key point during this period is the focus on strategic collaborations with other companies and projects, recognizing the importance of broadening connections with wider communities and networks.
• Presence at the first most important Ordinals event in Europe.
• Opening to the Public and Website: Opening to the public was achieved through the launch of the official website, which will act as the main access portal to the project. The site will be the digital manifestation of OrdinalStudio's vision and mission, providing key information about the project.
• Marketing Campaign: October marks the start of a targeted marketing campaign that will focus on the main social networks, including Twitter and Discord, in order to communicate the vision of the project both internally and externally to the Ordinals community, consolidating support and l 'enthusiasm.

November 2023

Focus on Partnership and Technological Growth


December 2023

Launch of L.I.B.E.R.T.A.S., OrdinalStudio's first project.

12/12/2023 - MagicEden
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